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Project Description
ShopSpace is a framework for creating mini office-management apps. The domains are Personnel, Project/Issue Management, Time-Tracking, Helpdesk, and basic Accounting. The core API is UI-agnostic, although a default UI implementation as a suite of DotNetNuke modules is provided.

Project Goals
Aside from providing "free" DotNetNuke modules for managing small consulting and software development shops out of the box, this project also tries to meet the following goals:
  • The ShopSpace core is designed to be plugged in to an existing user/membership system (for example, DNN (but not neccessarily)) with it's own authorization and authentication functionality, therefore very little (if any) membership/security/roles type functionality is provided.
  • The framework can be used in an a-la-cart manner, and therefore the domains for each functional area will be minimally coupled.

The following technical aspirations are also to be followed:
  • remain UI-agnostic (ASP.NET for now, perhaps Flex/Sliverlight UIs in the future...)
  • Utilize "proper" architectural structures (i.e layering, object-oriented, agile designs, etc.).
  • Use NHibernate for data access.
  • Utilize Spring.NET for IoC container, transaction management, and advice injection
  • Pratice Domain Driven Design in the core model


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